General Zmeko Will Remain as Chief of General Staff of the Slovak Armed Forces

General Zmeko Will Remain as Chief of General Staff of the Slovak Armed Forces

On Wednesday 4 May 2022, President Čaputová appointed General Daniel Zmeko Chief of the General Staff of the Slovak armed forces for the next term. 

The president expects the reappointed chief of the general staff to continue his work in favour of the Slovak Republic with the same enthusiasm and professionalism he showed in the past term. “I expect you to be proactive, determined and persistent. That you will develop our armed forces and strengthen our cooperation with our NATO allies so that the Slovak Republic can be perceived as a reliable and credible partner. Only then can we expect that our allies will help us when we need it.”

She emphasized that we are witnessing the greatest military conflict since WWII; it is changing the security architecture of Europe as it plays out directly behind our borders. “Two months of war on our neighbour’s territory and Russia’s increasing political and territorial requirements have led the majority of society to the realization that peace and security can no longer be taken for granted and that it will cost us something. Please, take this as an opportunity for the armed forces to be perceived by the citizens of the Slovak Republic as the top guarantor of our security. You have my full support as commander-in-chief in this mission.”

According to the president, we must remember that as a society we owe a debt to our armed forces regarding the ensuring of funds, providing material resources, and creating suitable working conditions for professional soldiers as well as a debt regarding out meeting the commitments of our allies, without whom the guarantee of our security would not be possible at the current level.  

On Wednesday the president promoted Róbert Tóth, chief of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic and Peter Barbiar, deputy chief of the general staff of the Armed Forces of the SR to the rank of major general. She also promoted Martin Remeš, chief of Strategic Centre of the Crisis Management, to the rank of brigadier general.