Glasgow Conference is make-or-break moment for our planet

Glasgow Conference is make-or-break moment for our planet

President Čaputová speaks at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow on Tuesday 2 November 2021. 

According to the president, we have one shared goal, to save our planet, and thus we have to act accordingly. She stated that the conference in Glasgow is critical.

“Glasgow is make-or-break for the planet. We must double down on our efforts to cut emissions and mitigate the impact of the climate crisis. If we fail, the only thing to discuss at future COPs will be the irreversible devastation of our world and its habitats. This scenario is still avoidable – but we seem to be failing to prevent it.”

The president emphasized the fact that the young generation is seriously worried about climate change. “It is clear: the next generation knows we are running out of time. And we, as political leaders, have run out of excuses. I am glad that the European Union, is doing what is needed: reducing our emissions by at least 55% by 2030, becoming the first climate neutral continent by 2050 and helping developing countries do the same.”

She also pointed out that compared to 1990, emissions in Slovakia have dropped by 46%, methane emissions have decreased by more than 50% and now we produce 80% of our electricity from low carbon and as of 2023 we will not use coal for the production of electricity. 43% of the materials for the Slovak Recovery Plan will be used to support the sustainable green transition in transportation, industry and buildings.  

"We know that this alone will not prevent the worst-case scenarios. It takes a truly global action: not just by the EU and the rest of the developed world, although we do shoulder a special responsibility. We must all do our fair share – including the top 3 states whose highest representatives are not in Glasgow." 

According to the president, we must transform the Paris commitments into real and credible CO2 reduction. “The carbon footprint of the planes we arrived on cannot be the only output from this year’s COP. We must turn the Paris commitments into real and credible CO2 reduction. We have different starting points and paths for development – but we have one shared goal: preserving our planet. Let’s act accordingly.”

The entire text of the president’s speech is available at Speeches