Olympians and Paralympians Take Olympic Oath before Travelling to Tokyo

Olympians and Paralympians Take Olympic Oath before Travelling to Tokyo

Members of the Olympic and Paralympic delegations took the Olympic oath on Wednesday 14 July 2021 in the rear courtyard of the Presidential Palace before departing for the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. 

According to the president, the Olympic and Paralympic games are the greatest celebration of sports since they embody its supreme ideals. "Just as all Games to date, these Games will most certainly bring admirable performances, and new world and Olympic records and will shift the limits of what people can do. I have no doubt that you will also travel to the Games with the desire to achieve your best performance and to give as much as possible. Rest assured that we at home will follow your efforts with best wishes and root for you to perform to the limits of your capacities.  The fact that you have qualified is proof of the strength of your body and spirit that you have cultivated."

President Čaputová emphasized that the athletes prepared for the Games under the great uncertainty due to the pandemic. "If you hadn’t mentally handled uncertainty, it would have had a negative impact on your preparations for this event, which is the supreme goal for every athlete. But you didn’t get discouraged by the uncertainty of whether the Games would be held, and you exerted maximum efforts in your preparations. You haven’t lessened your desire to achieve success for yourself and for Slovakia. Your firm resolve to give everything against a background of uncertainty, offers a strong message for all of us. We should follow your example."

According to the president, taking the oath is a commitment to what the Olympic and Paralympic movement is so respected for and why it is an inspiration for other areas of social life. "Honest preparation, striving for excellence, overcoming obstacles, adhering to the rules of fair-play, respect for other competitors, fair competition in which performance is crucial and not the origin, religion or skin colour of the competitors – these are the universal principles of the Games that you hold true and for which you inspire all of Slovakia.

In conclusion, the president stated, "May you return with the feeling that you did everything you could for your success and the solid representation of Slovakia. If this happens you will all be winners in our eyes."