President Kiska on the mass starvation of Ukraine: We must not forget

“It is every country’s moral duty to remember the famine of the 1930s and to do whatever it takes to ensure this tragedy is never repeated,” President Andrej Kiska said while attending the presidential forum marking the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor famine last Saturday.

“We must make clear our rejection of every attempt to justify these deadly practices or to deny their occurrence through manipulation and propaganda,” he added.

In Kiska’s view, no statistics can fully capture the people’s suffering during the famine. “And no period is long enough for us to forget it. To forget mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, grandparents and other loved ones, who died of hunger only because of a deliberate decision of the Stalinist Soviet Union. They decided to sacrifice millions of people out of their sick desire for power. They had just one goal – to break the people’s will to defend their lifestyle, their families and their land.”

The president also expressed his condolences to other nations affected by the famine – not only Ukrainians but also Russians, Kazakhs, Moldovans and Belarussians.