President Zelenskyy thanks Slovakia for its support

President Zelenskyy thanks Slovakia for its support

President Čaputová spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy by phone on Friday, 4 February. They discussed the tense situation in Ukraine. 

The Ukrainian president expressed his thanks for the support that Ukraine has received from its partners including Slovakia. President Čaputová emphasized that Slovakia, as well as the rest of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, respects the right of every state to freely choose its future.

"We are very much aware that the the people of Ukraine are experiencing tension and uncertainty related to the near future. However, our support is a sign that they are not alone in this turbulent situation. The unity of standpoints of Ukraine’s western partners, along with our refusal to negotiate about Ukraine without its participation, is of crucial importance for our largest neighbour in these times."

The presidents also discussed specific forms of assistance, particularly concerning energy. President Čaputová assured President Zelenskyy that Slovakia was prepared to support Ukraine on the political and diplomatic levels, and in the form of practical cooperation in response to further developments.  

(photo: PO SR archives, September 2020)