Slovakia has five new ambassadors

Slovakia has five new ambassadors

On Friday 22 February, President Čaputová handed over credentials to five new Slovak ambassadors at the Presidential Palace 2022. 

Martin Bezák will be the extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Cyprus, and the same will apply to Vladimír Grácz in the Republic of South Africa, Pavol Ivan in Moldavia, Róbert Maxián in India and Lenka Miháliková in Egypt.

The president expects that the new ambassadors will actively defend the fundamental values which we as a democratic community share. "We cannot be neutral regarding values such as freedom, the rule of law, tolerance and international law principles. We can only be consistent."

She emphasized that we have a special relationship with the Republic of Cyprus, because our mission in Nicosia has a bilateral as well as multilateral dimension, since as part of the UN mission, our soldiers help to keep peace on that divided island.

Although Africa is perceived as a continent of poverty and a source of migration, according to the president it is time to begin to perceive it as a place of opportunity marked by the growth of global markets and the rapid penetration of modern technologies.  For this reason, she believes that the new ambassador in Pretoria will strengthen the image of Slovakia as a country offering experience and innovative solutions, including environmental challenges and digitization. 

In the case of Moldavia, the president believes that helping Moldavia on its way to EU membership is both a wish and an obligation. She noted that a group of Slovak experts has begun to cooperate with the Moldavian government on necessary reforms. India is one of the fastest growing world markets, and the president believes that the new ambassador will also strive to develop our economic relations.

The president cited Egypt as one of the most important actors in the southern part of Europe. In her opinion it is especially important to promote the values which our society is based on, because if Egypt and other states in this region will be called on to play a constructive role in security and the protection of international order, it can only be achieved by enhancing respect for human rights and democracy.