President Opens Business Forum in Zürich and Visits ETH

President Opens Business Forum in Zürich and Visits ETH

President Čaputová opened the Swiss-Slovak Business Forum along with President Ignazio Cassis in Zürich on Friday 20 May 2022  during the second day of her state visit to Switzerland.  

The president arrived in Switzerland with a large delegation of experts which included representatives of Slovak universities, research institutions and innovative companies. They have an opportunity to establish new contacts and cooperation in the fields of research, green transition, low-emission technologies, renewable resources and circular economy. The delegation included Mária Bieliková from the Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies, Maroš Halama, Vice Dean of the Technical University in Košice, Mikuláš Bittera, Vice Rector of the Slovak University of Technology and representatives of such companies as Sensoneo, InoBat, Spinea, Ecocapsule and many others.  

The president also visited the Swiss Federal institute of Technology (ETH), which in her opinion is proof of the fact that in a city that is smaller than Bratislava, a small country can build a top university that can compete with the best institutions in the world. “Up to 70 percent of professors come from abroad and students from over 120 countries of the world study here.  According to the ratings, this is the best university in continental Europe and one of the most acknowledged international universities in the world. 22 Nobel Prize winners are connected with the ETH, including Albert Einstein. Slovak scientist and inventor Aurel Stodola, who was Einstein’s friend, also studied at this institute.”

Students presented their projects from decentralized financial transactions, the autonomous cleaning of water from plastic trash up to the hydroponic cultivation of plants. “Not only Slovak students have something to learn here. The functioning of this technically oriented university, its emphasis on combining research and practice, its support for startups and its long-term ability to attract talent from all over the world can be a great inspiration for Slovakia.”

The president also met members of the Slovak expat community in Zürich in the afternoon.