President speaks at opening of Delphi Economic Forum

President speaks at opening of Delphi Economic Forum

On Wednesday, 12 May 2021, President Čaputová spoke at the opening of the 6th Delphi Economic Forum which was held online.  

In her video speech, the president emphasized that the world has changed radically and our decisions affect our future more than ever before. She added that we must also keep this in mind after the pandemic subsides. 

It was the pandemic which reminded us of the fragile nature of the environment and our health; but it also has shown us the power of science and innovation, facts and cooperation. It has taught us that if we cooperate, we can overcome every challenge. This lesson is important in the context of efforts to introduce a more ecological and sustainable economic model. Although this transformation will not be easy, she believes that it is necessary. It is the responsibility of leaders to ensure that this process is as fair as possible. She noted that the means from the Recovery Plan give us an opportunity to transform the entire society via investments in innovative solutions, addressing long-term environmental challenges and enhancing industrial competitiveness.  

She emphasized that the private sector will play a key role in this effort and called for fair economic competition, investment in research and development and support for those who bring new and innovative approaches.   

The entire text of President’s speech in English is available in the section Prejavy

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