Green Office

Green Office

The ambition of the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic is to become the first climate neutral public institution in Slovakia at the latest by 2030. A detailed plan was presented by the Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová in September 2020 on the roof of the Karáčoniho palace, which will transform into a green roof with solar panels in a near future. The Office of the President wants to become a role model inspiring other institutions.

Urban bees

In May 2020, we installed beehives in the Presidential Garden as part of the Urban bees project led by CEEV Živica. The bees are being professionally treated by beekeeper Tomáš Blaškovič. We harvested our first honey in September 2020. The Honey from the Presidential Garden serves as a home made gift for political partners of the President both in Slovakia and abroad.

Zero Waste Office

The Office of the President and the Institute of Circular Economy joined forces in a project that aims at waste prevention, proper separation and eliminating the amount of produced waste. Waste separation containers including a composter for biowaste, containers for electrical waste or clothing, were installed in the Office´s premises.