Guard of Honor

The Guard of Honour is a unit of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic which guards the residence of the President of the Slovak Republic and his guests.

In the event of war, a state of emergency or crisis it fulfils a defensive function. It also organises the performance of military honors and fulfils the constitutional, protocol and representational role of the President as Commander of the Armed Forces.

Apart from this it participates in solving international crisis management and is involved in charitable activities.

Did you know?

The Guard comprises both men and women.

It is subordinate to the Chief of the Military Office of the President, Brigade General Vladimír Šimko. The internal organizational structure, deployment, numbers of soldiers and employees of the Guard of Honour is determined by the President.

The Guard of Honour carries out its function during the presence of the President at the Presidential Palace, generally on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Guards are changed every 60 minutes, on the hour. Changing of the Guard takes place on weekdays at 12 a.m.

The uniform of the Guard of Honour of the President of the Slovak Republic

is based on the classic military cut introduced in the former Czechoslovak army in a blue-grey colour scheme with a white shirt. A double-breasted jacket which fastens high at the neck forms the basis of the uniform. Weapon holsters are attached to the belt. The trousers are cut in formal civil style with lampas, and the uniform is complemented with white gloves and patent leather shoes.

The other, historic uniform of the Guard of Honour is used for internal protocol events. It is based on the uniform of Slovak volunteers dating to 1848, more specifically, the uniform of Janko Francisci. It is richly gilded and the winter caps and hems of the upper doublet are decorated with brown fur. The feathered hat with decorative ornaments created by cords is enhanced by national elements based on Slovak folk costume motifs.