Office of the President 

The office is a legal entity that creates conditions for the functioning of the presidency in accordance with the Constitution of the Slovak Republic, constitutional acts and other acts of general application, and for the president’s political and public activities. 

Tasks relating to the president’s function as commander in chief of the armed forces are handled by the office’s military section.

The office is a budgetary entity with its own budget line. It is allowed to establish budgetary and subsidised organisations to carry out its tasks. 

Principal Functions of the Office 

The office carries out other tasks for the president and provides for other matters related to the constitutional status of the president of the republic.

The office also performs other professional, organisational and material-technical tasks required by law and other regulations of general application. 

The functions of the office are performed by civil service managers, civil servants and other employees. 


The seat of the office is in Bratislava, Kancelária prezidenta Slovenskej republiky, Štefánikova 2, 811 05, Bratislava.

Its postal address is Bratislava 1, P. O. Box 128, Postal code 810 00. 

Chief of Staff

Since 01/2021 the office is managed by the chief of staff Metod Špaček. The chief of staff is appointed and removed by the president of the republic. The chief of staff is responsible to the president of the republic for the performance of their position. 

The functions of the Office of the President are regulated by Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No.16/1993 of 22 December 1993 on the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic. The full text of this act can be downloaded and read in Slovak HERE. (link to act).